Welcome :) This is my Story.


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Hello, My name is Daina and I am a 27 year old, single woman on a journey to get fit and healthy. I am just starting out and I am nervous. I have never worked out before and I am a die hard junk food eater. I am a single woman, I live with my Mother and help her since my father travels for work. I have a great job and support (Even my mom is getting fit and healthy with me). Well I guess I can let you know why im doing this. This is me:

Me at 315 lbs, Going out to the movies

Me at 315 lbs, Going out to the movies

This picture is me trying to be confident, I dont wear heels because im afraid of falling and I hate wearing sleeveless shirts. I am currently 315 lbs. I get told allllllllll the time that I dont look like im that big, but in reality I am. I’m very self cautious, Im one of those that I know im overweight so I dont like to talk about it, and I dont like other people talking about it or making fun of me for it. I dont like going out alot because I always feel like im being stared at. Here I am at 27 and no boyfriend, no kids, staying with my mom, I have no LIFE. I work at a great insurance office and love my family. They are so supportive but they are also judgmental. They all want to tell what I should be doing and what I shouldn’t do, What worked for them and that I should do this or that and not do this or that. They dont understand that sometimes what worked for them may not work for me. I have tried diets, pills, working out at home with no help, changing my eating habits (and that didn’t last long apparently), no carbs, cutting calories, and even thought about surgery. I have been in a deep dark depression for years, It used to be so bad that I have thought many times about ending my life. But Im stronger than that and I can get through this. Ive finally woke up and decided I need to get serious about losing weight and getting healthier. Im FED UP with being overweight, And I hate oh but your so pretty as a big girl. I want to have children and I cant do that with my health the way it is. I want to get married heck I want to get a boyfriend lol. I want to be able to walk up a flight of stairs and not get out of breath, I want to be able to RUN!!!!! I want to be able to play with my nieces and nephews and practice sports with them and show them Aunt Daina can do this. I dont want to hear them say to one another that they cant ask me to do something with them because it will tire me out or they know I cant do it. I want to be able to dress up and go out and have a great time. Heck I want to be able to wear sleeveless shirts and not think about my huge arms. But most of all I want Me back, not this depressed person inside of me, but the happy me, the healthy me, the thick, beautiful me, the girl that my family will be proud of and the woman that I can be PROUD of. Im changing my life and Im glad you are hear to take this crazy ride with me. I start on Monday 03/17/2014 at 315 lbs. My mother and me are getting our gym memberships tomorrow after work. We have cleaned out cabinets and the fridge. We have went grocery shopping and no junk food was allowed. We have vowed to pack lunches for work and not eat out ever day. I know to start slow and this is going to be a long and frustrating journey but I have promised not to quit. Im so sorry this was such a long welcome and get to know me post. I welcome all feedback and comments and help along my journey. Again thank you for being here with me. Lots of Love, Daina.